Shenzhen Qianhai Gangying Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a subordinate company of Yinger Fashion Group. Since it was founded in 1996, Yinger Fashion Group has been focusing on all kinds of things that stand for beauty. The original intention of this brand is to help women find their most beautiful self. In pursuit of beauty, Yinger Fashion Group introduced MARSA GALLERY in 2017 to combine fashion with skin techology and help women become more confident from the inside out.
Fullerene, Also Known As Footballene, Is Composed Of Sixty Carbon Elements That Have Their Own Unique Molecular Structure, Which Allows The Absorption Of Radicals By Penetrating The Deep Basal Layer Of The Skin. Such Quick Absorption Also Gives Fullerene A Title Called The Scavenger Of Radicals. While The Incorporation Of Fullerene Into Cosmestic Products Is Yet To Be Widespread Due To Its Expensive Cost, It Is Growing To Become More Dominant Since The Year Of 2009. Marsa Gallery Fullerene Anti-aging Multi-functional Essence Contains 3% Of Fullerene C60 And Is Powerful In Improving Your Skin Conditions.



  • 1.Strong Moisture Retention:
    The Radical Sponge Can Absorb The Radicals And Metabolize Or Remove Them Out Of The Body;
  • 2.Anti-Oxidation:
    It Is 172 Times More Effective Than Vitamin C In Anti-oxidating As It Removes The Active Oxygen On The Skin Surface Resulted From The Uv. It Also Prevents The Loss Of Vitamin C And Vitamin E In The Body, Which Is Essential For Preventing Aging And Wrinkles, As Well As Controlling Cellulite Hyperplasia.
  • 3.Anti-aging:
    Fullerene Can Prevent Skin From Aging And Improve Skin Conditions Such As By Preventing Tiny Wrinkles And Slack Skin, Etc. It Can Also Put Off Skin Aging And Wrinkles While Strengthening The Skin To Be More Protective And Firm;
  • 4.Whitening:
    It Is Very Effective In Terms Of Restraining The Growth Of Melanocyte And Preventing The Harm Caused By Strong Uv;
  • 5.Maintenance after Laser Phototherapy:
    More and more people are accepting laser phototherapy. Generally speaking, Fullerene can effectively remove radicals generated after phototherapy and prevent problems associated with sensitive skin and pigmentation. It can deeply nourish the skin, repair the damaged skin, and activate fibroblast and protein synthesis.
  • 6.Restrains inflammation:
    Solves Various Skin Sensitivity Problems The Sensitivity Skin, Such As Red Cheek;
  • 7.Refines pores and enables the development of soft, delicate skin
  • 8.Easy to absorb:
    Nanoscale Raw Material Composition. Each C60 Molecule Is Sized About 0.7nm, Making It Extremely Easy To Absorb Into The Skin.
  • 9.Easy to absorb:
    Through Research, We Discover That The Radical Sponge Itself Causes No Damage To Skin. The Addition Of Vitamin C-60 Onto The Radical Sponge Surface And Edxposure Of It To Light Wave Burst Results In No Production Of Photocytotoxicity.