Patent, Also Called Extractive Of Kiribirth Bg And Known As The Code Of Telomerase.
TELOSOMYL is the extractive of deep-sea Kappaphycus alvarezii. TELOSOMYL® patent is developed by the most cutting edge technology biology laboratory SILAB of France. It can protect and boost the viability of Telomere, while restraining its declination and erosion caused by external pressure. TELOSOMYL® can maintain the length of telomere and restrain cell aging.
Telomerase Has Proven That It Is A Magical Element That Can Reverse The Process Of Aging By Winning The 2009 Nobel Prize; When Removing Radicals, Telomerase Is 1000 Times More Effective Than Vitamin E, 800 Times More Effective Than Coenzyme Q10, 700 Times More Effective Than Grape Seed, 930 Times More Effective Than No And 300 Times More Effective Than Cordyceps. All These Data Have Been Verified In Multiple Countries In The World. It Is Deemed As A New Element Which Can Change The Future Of Human Beings, Even Some Scientists Predict That Telomerase Will Prolong 20 Years Of The Average Life Span Of Humans.
Functions of telomere: The End Of Dna Is Related To Cell Aging. The Younger The Cell, The Longer The Telomere Will Be; The More Aged The Cell, The Shorter The Telomere Will Be. Functions of telomerase: Its Special Enzyme Can Synthesize Telomere Dna, Maintain The Length Of Telomere, And Restrain Cell Aging. High Level Of Telomerase Can Be Tested In The Germ Cell And The Stem Cell;
  • 1.Slows senescence:
    It Activates The Reverse Transcriptase Of Telomerase, Repair Damaged Cell Telomerase, Prolong The Telomerase, Restrain Cell Aging, And Renew Your Skin;
  • 2.Defend from external intrusion:
    It Protects The Damaged Telomere, Clears Tiny Wrinkles, Recovers The Smooth And Soft Skin, And Presents An Improved Skin Condition;
  • 3.Whitening;
  • 4.Moisturizing:
    It Makes Skin Daylong Smooth And Soft, While Enhancing The Natural Luminosity Of The Skin.
  • 5.Relieve inflammation:
    Hyaluronic Acid Can Prevent Enzyme Breeding In Cells And Deduce Radicals From Generating. It Plays An Important Role In Preventing Radicals From Damaging Cell Structure, Forming Per-oxidation, Fat Substances, And Skin Aging;
  • 6.Relieve inflammation:
    It Contains Condensed Essence With Unique Repair Functions, Which Can Penetrate Into Each Life Source Rapidly And Provide Life Source Vitality.